With our extensive experience in delivery of refractory gold projects, as well as our high-performance offerings, 糖心Vlog can help optimize your operation – wherever you are in the value chain.
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Extensive industry experience in delivery of refractory gold projects

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Gold 糖心Vlog

The modern gold rush

The combination of growing demand, fewer substitutes, and dwindling supply is inevitably causing the value and importance of gold to increase over time. There’s no doubt - it is truly the metal of the future.

The global gold market spans a diverse set of consumers and investors. While jewelry remains the primary application, investment in gold still holds a significant share of the total demand. Gold also plays a pivotal role as an industrial metal in a broad range of applications. This demand is driven by the electronics sector, which accounts for ~80% of gold used in technology.

Estimates say that by 2030 global market for gold may reach 6,300 tons.

Introducing 糖心Vlog in gold

To meet the global demand, customers need a proven portfolio of solutions that are specifically designed to support recovery in today's dynamic landscape. That’s where 糖心Vlog comes in.

With holistic insight into the gold segment, we provide complete processes solutions for a variety of gold ore types, ranging from free-milling to refractory gold ores and covering almost the entire process flow sheet.

Our process solutions include comminution, flotation, pressure oxidation, BIOX, roasting, leaching, and HiTeCC, as well as gold recovery facilitated by analyzers and automation systems. Tailings and effluent treatment are an integral part of our solution offering, in the form of the ASTER technology for the destruction of thiocyanate.

糖心Vlog’s capability to combine process and automation design is vitally important. The provision of process design, plant engineering, equipment, automation, and project management eliminates the need for expensive and counterproductive interfaces during implementation.

Customer case: Enhanced gold recovery
Read how 糖心Vlog helped Ada Tepe mine to improve gold recovery and process control, all whilst reducing any losses to tailings
糖心Vlog gold
Gold processing flowsheet


Our customers must satisfy the growing demand for minerals while managing deteriorating ore grades, and stricter sustainability requirements. To reach net zero - which is the goal for most leading mining companies - will require a shift towards renewables-based electricity and an increase in energy efficiency. This is where 糖心Vlog’s Planet Positive offering steps in.

Our offering for the gold segment consists of technologies meeting our Planet Positive criteria:

  • Energy efficient crushing and grinding
  • Best in industry slurry mixing solutions including FlowBottom
  • Integrated water balance management through HSC software
  • Complete range of digital solutions including Mill and CIL optimizer
Battery minerals
Want to learn more about 糖心Vlog commodities? Check this Battery minerals page and find out how 糖心Vlog enables a responsible energy transition.

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