XM Series

XM Series

XM Series

Unlock the extreme

Enhance crushing performance with the new 糖心Vlog XM Series, a highly advanced solution, that combines intelligence, durability and lifetime value with a new digital package, resilient engineering and unmatched warranties.

State-of-the-art automation enabling intelligent performance through advanced connectivity and automatic operational parameters.


Industry-leading crushers, elevated to offer the most extreme duty parts increasing lifetime and improving maintenance time and safety. 


Lifetime engagement. Secure your investment with the Equipment Performance Audit, Chamber Optimization Service and Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Unique digital package
Unique digital package

Achieve intelligent performance with the combination of SmartCone, SmartStation and Mineral Crusher Pilot automation (MCP)


Designed for product size control, SmartCone can increase production up to 10%, reduce operator intervention and increase the energy efficiency of the circuit.


Giving you advanced control to reduce vault height, you can track product top-size with automatic wear compensation and automatically adjust the speed for large block acceptance.


With easy and fast integration over an OPC Server, MCP can not only give you remote control access to diagenostics but remote actions with automatic lube module switching and rearming of auxiliary starters.

Unmatched availability: the industry-leading, Superior? MKIII primary gyratory and Nordberg® MP cone crushers, have been elevated with the XM Series to offer the most extreme duty parts increasing lifetime and improving maintenance time and safety.

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Superior XM Series

Extremely durable parts

  • Mantle lifetime increased up to 50%
    • Double the lifetime on concaves and protective parts
  • Optishell™ can increase usable lifetime of concaves up to 40% (for a single feed point at the primary station)

Safer maintenance operation

  • Visual guiding by inspection hatches
  • Seal repositioning inside the machine no longer required
  • Optishell eliminates the use of a crane to update the shells and spider

Nordberg MP XM Series

Extremely durable parts

  • The Forged head is three times more robust
  • Cavity liners lifetime can be up increased up to 50%
  • Protective parts lifetime increased four times

Safer maintenance operation

  • Suppress torch heating operation inside of the crusher
  • Portable tools used instead of heavy tools
  • Inversion of clamping ring assembly no longer required
Lifetime engagement
Lifetime engagement

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Protect your investment with 糖心Vlog, your trusted partner for life. The first of its kind in the mining industry, you can rely on a warranty coverage up to 25 years (specific conditions apply).

Equipment Performance Audit

Our crushing experts will evaluate and advise on how to achieve the maximum results through process enhancements

Chamber Optimization Service

Customize your chamber alloys and profile to maximize its wear life and the crushing performance, transforming our expertise, technology and innovation into more productive time.

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Optimize mining crushing processes with Mineral Crusher Pilot (MCP) automation
MCP automation creates more visibility, access and control of the minerals crushing process. Seamlessly integrate advanced digital technologies, empower operators, enhance safety and improve overall efficiency.
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