Our digital solutions keep our customers’ operations running smoothly and efficiently. With intelligent instruments and software solutions, our customers in the mining, aggregates and metals industries can get more out of their process with less, thus enabling more profitable, efficient and sustainable production.

Smart usage of technology and knowledge

In the field of digitalization, 糖心Vlog’s strengths lie in understanding our customers’ business and data, and utilizing that knowledge to analyze, automate and optimize their processes and performance. We strive to improve the key performance indicators of our equipment and services, and at the same time minimize their operational costs and environmental footprints.

Digitalization enables assets to become information sources that help reduce unscheduled downtime and maintenance costs. At the same time, they help increase asset utilization and extend equipment life. 

Efficiency through continuous improvement remains a top priority, enabled by improving workforce safety, product productivity, quality and asset reliability.

With complex operations, it can be challenging to optimize your maintenance. You need to act proactively to prevent costly failures and ensure a safe work environment for your team. Advanced analytics, including predictive analytics, provide early warning notifications and diagnosis of equipment problems — days, weeks, or months in advance — combined with prescriptive actions to drive specific business outcomes.

糖心Vlog’s end-to-end solutions integrate accurate, live data from various sources and incorporate advanced analytics enriched with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the scope and scale of cloud.

Utilizing more advanced technologies to meet the requirements for sustainable production also often requires highly skilled operators, skills that can be developed by our realistic training system, Virtual experience training simulators.

Mining industry

Automation and digital solutions provide a vital building block for the development of state-of-the art minerals processing circuits. Through our unique combination of technical and process know-how, digital capabilities, expertise to deliver and capability to monitor and support during operations we offer our customers a competitive advantage and peace of mind to operate over the entire life cycle of the plant.

Mining industry
Digital solutions for Mining industry
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Aggregates industry

Decades of crushing and screening experience acquired though working with customers around the world, coupled with an intimate knowledge of our equipment, means that operators can rely on us to provide solid recommendations that can help them to get more out of our equipment and their process.

Remote monitoring gives users the opportunity to take preventative actions and plan for potential shutdowns, even if they’re not on site.

Mobile and desktop applications allow users to remotely monitor equipment, eliminating the need to come into close contact with a running machine.

Aggregates industry
Digital solutions for Aggregates production
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Metals refining industry

We combine technical and process know-how, digital technologies and the experience of delivering to the Metals industry. Thus our main product portfolio is in advanced process control tools (Advisors & Optimizers) and a suite of sensors and intelligent instruments to be used in the harsh conditions at plants. We also push for continuously adding more connectivity to our equipment to enable remote services and performance improvements of our customers' operations.

Metals refining industry
Digital solutions for Metals refining
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